WITHIN THE RUINS – New Track “Death of the Rockstar” Unleashed

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Massachusetts’ Industrial Melo-Death dealers, Within The Ruins, has released a brand new track, “Death of the Rockstar” from their forth-coming 2017 project, Halfway Human on eOne.

The album, set to release on March third, is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed, Phenomena. This time, however, “We went back to a more organic style of writing and production,” said guitarist, Joe Cocchi.

“I personally was finally able to abandon a lot of my writing habits or ‘rules,’ if you will. No more ‘oh, that part doesn’t really sound like us, have to change that,’ type of bullshit.

Doing that created a fresher sound. This is the most raw and extreme sounding material we’ve ever written. Keep an eye out for studio blogs and more updates.”

As for the new track, “Death of a Rockstar,” Cocchi explains, “‘Death of the Rockstar’ stems from our distaste for the current state of the music industry.

The song is straight forward and speaks for itself. We live in an era where mindlessness and fads now trump true art and creativity. The music industry is polluted. Please enjoy.”

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