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Alex von Poschinger

Andy LaRocque

Voodoo Gods co-founder, Alex von Poschinger confirmed Metal heavyweight, Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death) to work behind the board for their upcoming album, Divinity of Blood.

Von Poschinger said, “Andy LaRocque has been our producer and mentor since early 2014…

Andy understands our sound so much, he can comprehend our vision and mode of expression.”

He explained, “We were actually done with the whole new mix and mastering by the end of July 2016. It had a very strong 90’s / Scott Burns touch, because that was the way I wanted the sound.”

However, there were some early production issues, which prompted Voodoo Gods to work a remix with La Rocque and Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager that “worked out really good and the result is stunning.”



Originally called Shrunken Head back in 2001 when Von Poschinger lived in Florida, which included Nergal (Behemoth), Voodoo Gods have evolved to multi-influenced/geographic unit.

“In early 2006 the band was joined by Hiro as replacement for Tony and Nergal on vocals. We recorded a few songs in that line-up and in 2007. Jean Baudin, Mike Browning, and David Shankle joined the band and did their contribution to those songs. The result was the Shrunken head EP.”

Once they acquired enough material, he approached George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse) to do the next album.

“This was funny,” he said, “because I asked him already back in the days to do few vocals for Shrunken Head. But, then I disappeared and was gone for few years. I called him up and he said: ‘Yeah. Where the hell have you been the last years?’ So George recorded the first full length album, Anticipation For Blood Leveled In Darkness, which was released in July 2014 and produced by Andy LaRocque.



Victor Smolski, formerly from Rage, had joined the band — what von Ponschinger calls, “the best choice for Voodoo Gods,” and is featured on upcoming Blood. 

Alex is “confident to have the best lineup possible.” And “now with the second full length album, we have a better chance to play more live and tour. In 2017 we plan to hit the road and really kick some ass.”

 The album is expected to be released early 2017.

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