TODD LATORRE: “The Music Scene is a Bunch of Roaches…”

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Todd Latorre, frontman of Queensryche, had an introspective interview regarding the industry on The Underground Australia. India’s Metal Wani quotes:

“The music scene is a bunch of roaches trying to eat cookie crumbs, and everyone is scrambling for the cookie crumbs. And every band… The only way you can make a good living, or a living — some make a great living; some starve — is to play live shows.”

He further clarifies, using the cyberspace culture which has allowed greater exposure, but fewer tangible rewards:


“I think it’s much easier to have your name exposed, but making a name for yourself is kind of vague, because there’s people that have millions of views on YouTube, but they can’t sell out a thousand-seat venue. It’s very easy for people to click ‘like’ with a mouse, or it’s very simple to just go to YouTube and watch something, and that’s counted as one view. That’s all well and good, and exposure is expontentially much easier.

With that being said, because it’s so much easier, you have a saturated industry; there’s a million bands, everyone has a video, everyone can record stuff at home.

So, recording your own music, having some HD cameras and filming a video is nothing special. I mean, it’s fun to look at, it’s just kind of icing on the cake, but it doesn’t have the value or serve quite the purpose that it did when there was MTV and very few people had a video.”

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