To Thrive in Darkness

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On January 20th, 2017, businessman and realty star Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Already, the country is at odds with each other, clashing in ideals, and taking to the streets in protest for one of the most controversial elections this nation — and world — has ever known.

Dissent has always been an American tradition; North vs. South, right vs. left, etc. But, this time it feels genuinely dangerous.

However, Heavy Metal thrives in darkness and chaos — this is our tradition.

Our forefathers, Black Sabbath, was born in an angry womb screaming at the powers-that-be and used forbidden sounds that would have earned them a relaxation at the Auto-de Fe if not for the times we live in. Rage and violence, darkness and disgust are part of the Metalhead’s life and this is something we embrace with grace to the point of fearlessness.

Though the United States has never claimed to be a utopia within the borders, there is an idea that it is the land of plenty for those outside. Now, under new leadership, for the first time, we are all truly in the dark as to what is to really come. Our sources for news are questioned and vilified, our voices are not heard, and even his supporters are beginning to step away in doubt of his credibility.

Both sides, left and right, are so angry at each other, at our leadership, and our condition that anything can happen.

Will art and the First Amendment survive? Will visa and immigrant laws be so stringent that our foreign bands may not be able to play on our soil? Will there be bloodshed?

There is no way to predict what is going to happen to the world at large. But, one thing is a certainty and that is we are stronger when we stand united.  All of us.

Metalheads comprise a universal and powerful nation that goes beyond borders, beyond skin color, beyond north and south, east and west, left or right. We have our own codes, our own community in which we speak a unique language of fearlessness, self-empowerment, and integrity. We did not let the PMRC shut us up nor did we let the Moral Majority put us down.

Photo by Luka Knezevic – Strika
EXIT Photo Team

We are larger than life, united in song, scream, and stage.

No matter what happens to the United States, we are still family. Metal is freedom, together.

We are legion. Come what may.

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