This is SPINAL TAP…Going to Court

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According to the resurrected Classic Rock, writer Scott Munro reports that the original creators of the hilarious, cult-classic mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap have filed suit for unpaid profits.

The article states: “The three co-creators…have joined forces in a $400 million lawsuit against French media firm Vivendi – the parent company of Universal Music.

The original claim said the creators had been paid just $98 between 1989-2006 for soundtrack sales royalties, while merchandise sales generated a total of $81 between 1984-2006.

Harry Shearer, who co-wrote the film and soundtrack and starred as bassist Derek Smalls, originally filed a suit against the company last year for $125m, claiming Vivendi had withheld millions of dollars in profits since acquiring the rights to the film in 1989.

Now, with the addition of SPINAL TAP members Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, (aka Nigel Tufnel) and David St. Hubbins, along with director Rob Reiner, the size of the claim has been boosted to $400m.”

Though the band was comprised in pure comedy, the Metal community still warmly embraced them, playing along as they accused Metallica for stealing their “black album” idea, held ‘auditions’ for a new drummer (because historically, theirs kept self-combusting), and even participated in Ronnie James Dio’s legendary charity project, Hear ‘n’ Aid.


Click here for the full report: Spinal Tap Reunite to Sue Vivendi for 400 Million – Classic Rock

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