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According to Loudwire, on January 18th, the politically and artlessly corrupted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will get its snub returned by the Metal community as we form our own Hall of Heavy Metal History.

The President / CEO of the new Hall, Pat Gesualdo, stated, “This event is something the fans have been wanting for a long, long, time.” And there is no question about that.

The Observer made an excellent argument on this:

The Hall doesn’t seem to know Blimpie-shit about Heavy Metal. No organization claiming to be a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should know so little (and have such obvious disdain) for a genre as culturally, financially and creatively important as heavy metal.

Case(s) in point: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Slayer aren’t in the Hall.

 You could make a very, very solid case that Iron Maiden are one of the biggest rock acts of the last 35 years. They’ve been massively successful, made records of real quality, and have had a high and positive media profile. Their omission from the Hall is a stupid oversight, period, and one of the worst…”

Over the years, Metal and Rock’s greatest influences are notoriously pushed aside for popularity or political correctness. Donna Summer is inducted before Deep Purple, Madonna is inducted before Jethro Tull, and our legendary Lemmy only has some memorabilia on loan. So, yes, Gesualdo is absolutely correct that Metalheads are tired of seeing our heroes de-caped.

The inductees for the new Heavy Metal hall so far, are all A-Listers: Ronnie James Dio, Quiet Riot, Vinny Appice, Randy Rhoads, Rudy Sarzo, and Lemmy. The Scorpions (who ironically have always considered themselves more Hard Rock than Metal), Metal Blade Records, and Rainbow were just announced. The host for this event will be former That Metal Show’s Eddie Trunk, Classic Metal’s professional fanboy.

Though ‘more artists and executives are to be announced,’ unfortunately, the Heavy Metal Hall of History is already shaping to be elitist.

The mission statement states:

“The HALL OF HEAVY METAL HISTORY® not only enshrines forever those legendary Heavy Metal Musicians who are responsible for making Heavy Metal what it is today, we are also dedicated to helping children fight cancer.”

Very noble, very nice. And certainly not stating that these inductees are undeserving, but, has it escaped everyone’s notice that this practically Dio/Sabbath-centric list is awfully coincidental for a venture that will be benefiting the Ronnie James Dio Stand up And Shout Cancer Fund

Oh, and surprise (not really): No women.

Dio’s influence notwithstanding, the term ‘history’ denotes major events or establishments that influenced change and there seems to be many that have been overlooked.

Example, Venom is one of the godfathers of Black Metal, certainly ‘history’ makers, by definition. (Which, incidentally, even if they were miraculously inducted, for them to stand up and thank “all the little people” for making them who they are today, while accepting a token of commercialism, is everything Black Metal opposes, but I digress). Will the HoHMH even consider them? Or King Diamond? Or Mayhem?

Will Metal bands in Sharia-ruled countries be acknowledged, since they put their very lives on the line to play it?

Will Vixen, Girlschool, L7 or any of the first all-female Metal bands be inducted?

Will Loudness, one of Japan’s first and premiere Metal bands be considered?

What about Folk Metal artists, Symphonic Metal artists, Death Metal artists? What about those Metal bands who have flourished through crowd-funding?

Two words: Iron Maiden. Three more: Where are they? 

The Hall of Heavy Metal History is a great idea. However, if it is not implemented with integrity, this great idea could easily turn into Rock and Metal’s game of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, where the pigs set up a revolt only to take over the new regime.

If it should become a farce, no one will ever take our genre seriously.

Not off to a great start.

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