SCHAMMASCH – New Video, “Metanoia”

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October 21, 2016

Watch the glorious new video from the enigmatic Schammasch from their successful 2016 release, Triangle from Prosthetic Records

The video, shot in the edge-of-the-world landscapes creates a perfect backdrop for the ethereal interscape of Schammasch’s exclusive sound.

“There’s always got to be a certain aspect of darkness to Black Metal music, I think. That’s my personal belief because that’s the fertile ground for that music and it has to be part of it. But, what we try to handle darkness in a constructive way and as a natural part of the whole. Death and life are both equally necessary parts of existence.” – C.S.R.  April 2, 2016 Metalen Fanzine #10 – Schammasch feature, page 18


Triangle – Prosthetic Records, 2016

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