SCHAMMASCH Gives Strong Advice To Fans

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Schammasch, Swiss Black Metal elitists, offered some bold, brutal, but honest advice to fans on how to approach their heroes.

It is true that Metalheads tend to develop extremely intense para-relationships with musicians. Tom ‘Fountainhead’ Geldschlager, former guitarist of Obscura, is a musician spiritualist as well as a vicious virtuoso, who once theorized that this phenomenon could be attributed to the observation that “Metalheads and Metal musicians are basically the same thing. So, ninety percent of the people who listen to Metal play an instrument, at least, you know, as a hobby.” But, then also added that the phenomenon could just be a simple question of energy.

“In the physical and the metaphysical way, setting things in vibration. It’s a very basic thing, creating frequencies. It’s not just the noise coming through the amplifiers, it’s what it does to people…”

But, in any case, the internet and social media has bridged a very large gap between fans and artists, which has proven a cursed blessing. High-caliber professionals who have grown used to the idolization adopt anti-‘energy vampire’ defensive tactics in order to be able to protect themselves while interacting with excitable fans, while fans are slowly getting used to the idea that the artists that scream for them had to be potty-trained like every other flesh and blood human organism.

However, for those who missed the memo, Schammasch has a few words for you.

As posted on their social media: 

“A few simple rules about how to approach bands and artists:

Show some respect and be sensible.

Don’t approach them while it’s obvious they’re in a hurry/stressed out.

If you do so, don’t be pissed off if they don’t react as you would have wished.

-Don’t tell them your life story. They don’t give a shit. You wouldn’t give a shit either if a random person on the streets approached you, telling you their life story.

Don’t think of them/treat them as objects/don’t project your saviour-like imagine you have of them onto them. They are human beings just like everyone else. At least to some extent (meaning they probably live quite different lives than most people).

If you think they owe you answering your questions and be nice and friendly all the time because you bought their stuff or attended their shows…

…they don’t owe you a single thing. They work their asses off to be able to do their art and usually don’t get a single cent back.

In doing so they already fulfilled what they owe you, 10 times.

-Which leads back to the start: SHOW SOME RESPECT AND BE SENSIBLE.”

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