SCHAMMASCH Commences with New Epic Series

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Schammasch, Black Metal’s most successful contrarian artists, have unveiled that they are embarking on a very ambitious, massive surrealistic territory for their upcoming projects.

The band announced on social media: “With last year’s release, Triangle, the numerological trilogy I – II – III has been closed. Different territories are about to be explored in the future, beginning with the first work of a series of records entitled ‘The Maldoror Chants‘.”

The work in question is described on the backpage as, “a long narrative prose poem which celebrates the principle of Evil in an elaborate style and with a passion akin to religions fanaticism,” by French poet-critic Comte de Lautreamont .

“As the title clearly tells, the concept of those records is based on the grand novel Les Chants de Maldoror, one of surrealism’s dire fathers and up to this day, one of the biggest literary mysteries and outgrowths.”

The band bestows Chants a place of honor as “an inspiration to Schammasch ever since Contradiction,” and now will begin the task of paying proper homage.

With this, they released a first taste of what is to come, with Hermaphrodite, based on the short story where the journey begins. 

“From a musical point of view, these records are to be seen as an artistic experiment, apparently deriving from a different place than what we’ve done so far.”

And what they have done so far, in regards to their contribution towards the ever-germinating genre, has been universally considered nothing less than break-through efforts. Their second installment, Contradiction, earned them a place on worldwide top 10 lists of best Metal releases of 2014. This achievement, in turn, earned them a place of great anticipation among fans for their trilogy finale, which 2016’s Triangle did not disappoint.

The promise with this upcoming work is the spirit of Schammasch will remain in tact, but from a different approach. They forewarn, “Don’t expect anything but explore everything.”

The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite will be released on the 9th of June, available in various pre-sale formats over on their web store:

Schammasch on Prosthetic Records
Schammasch on Bandcamp
Schammasch on Facebook


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