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An official announcement by Napalm Records was made this morning that guitarist and singer Roland Johannsson has decided to leave THE UNGUIDED and has been replaced by Jonathan Thorpenberg, who performed with the band on the last tour.

From the release: ‘To mark a new chapter and to introduce Jonathan as well as honor everyone who had been part of the band over the past few years THE UNGUIDED have decided to release a digital two-track EP, well named Brotherhood! And guess what? It will be released on December 23rd 2016. What a nice Christmas present, huh?’

“The “Brotherhood” EP initiates a complete new chapter in The Unguided universe and paves way for the upcoming trilogy of albums.

The EP contains two new compositions, “Nighttaker” and “Daybreaker,” which are “the first songwriting initiative after the reformation.” Check out the new video below:

Not only is it a new beginning of the band with the addition of the very gifted vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Thorpenberg, who will take over the heavy and crucial crown of Roland Johansson, but it also continues the story that’s been the pivot of which the lyrics and illustrations have orbited around since formation of the band.

Roland Johannsson

Roland Johannsson

Johannsson states: “…I can say that it’s been a privilege, once again, to be able to do this. Three albums we’ve managed to do and that was also the main goal of this “first” chapter of The Unguided.

The Trilogy is done. The demands and wishes (from the music business and the fans) to see us live. Unfortunately, makes this equation a bit tougher to solve if you want to keep it at a hobby level.

It’s safe to say that the music we’ve created together, as a band, isn’t too bad, since there are so many of you out there eagerly requesting us to tour (sorry, couldn’t help myself haha).

Don’t get me wrong, I love to be there on stage and perform for you all, and so does the rest of the band. But it also comes with a price…I just can’t find it in myself to be away from my family, and my work, to fulfill those wishes for you. I just don’t think it’s fair for you or the band. This is why they have decided to take it a step further and really meet the demands fans have in regards to touring. And that’s why I’ve decided to leave the party.”

He adds, “I’m so proud and grateful for everything we’ve achieved with The Unguided. It’s by far the most inspiring music I’ve done so far in my life.”

Jonathan Thorpenberg

Jonathan Thorpenberg

Jonathan Thorpenberg said, “…I would like to thank the band for allowing me—a person who has never been involved with a major band, been on tours, or recorded in flashy studios—to be a part of this band’s new line-up.

The task of filling Roland’s part in The Unguided will not be an easy one.

Not only because I have the utmost respect for him as a musician, and a human being, but also because his style of singing and playing has become a defining factor in the band’s overall sound.

However, I will do my absolute best to do the old songs justice while, inevitably, bringing my own expression into them.

I have known the guys in the band for almost two years now and we have developed a sort of musical chemistry that allows us to write songs that we are very proud to present to you all. This is an exciting new chapter for me, the band, and hopefully for all of you. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!”

The Unguided proclaims, “Brotherhood is a huge homage to their hard work which will never be forgotten! You’ll always be one of us.”

Read the band’s full statement on their official site here:

k1600_brotherhoodJonathan Thorpenberg – Vocals/Guitars
Richard Andreas Sjunnesson – Vocals
Roger Sjunnesson – Guitars
Henric Liljesand – Bass
Richard Schill – Drums



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