Review: NABERUS – The Lost Reveries

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Eclipse Records
Release date: 12/02/16
T. Ray Verteramo

This quartet from Down Under has crafted a very decent Melodic Deathcore project with The Lost Reveries. They play competently, they’re tight, and they’re solid…perhaps a little too solid.

The production is excellent, well-balanced, clean but not dry. The energy as a whole is free to frolic on its own natural levels, making it sweet on the ears. Naberus will undoubtedly appeal to the Whitechapel and classic Drowning Pool crowds, for sure. James Ash (vocals, guitar), Dan Ralph (guitar), Jordan Mitchell (bass), Chris Sheppard (drums) have found a strong connectivity which resonates in the performances.


They know how to build a riff. They know how to work together. They know how to use harmonies, with “Drones” and “Voices” being their better examples of this. The album is composed of 13 four to six minute songs, each of them melting the members’ perspective influences into a viable stew.

It sounds great. Naberus knows how to perform a song with feeling and energy, which would interpret very well for the stage. It’s good Metal.

The problem is it’s too formulaic. The song structures get into a cyclic rut: Intro-verse-chorus-verse-etcetera, etc. Only on “Vultures” do they step away from the box and give a taste of a different texture and exhibit a little innovation that worked very well. There is a new rawness on this track, which is a welcome oasis from all the other songs that burn with the same heat.

Naberus has enough talent and drive to not have to play it safe. But, unfortunately, they do.

On the whole, these boys do a very nice job. They express their presence, making The Lost Reveries a strong and competent debut, which will interpret into a memorable entry into the major leagues of the industry.

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