Rare IRON MAIDEN Clips from 1977 Resurface

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The MAIDEN LEGACY project, compiled by former members of IRON MAIDEN, have released rare sound bytes from their early years.

Maiden Legacy, spearheaded by Maiden’s second vocalist, Dennis Wilcock — the original “Prowler,” now lead vocalist of GV1Tony Moore,  and other former members of the band and community, is a homage to the roots and talents which the legend was built upon.

These clips have never been publicly available before.

In this collection, you’ll hear a taste of Wilcock performing with the band, a recording before their famous demo The Soundhouse Tapes, and even the drummer of Samson, Bruce Dickinson’s band before joining Maiden, Thunderstick.

As Iron Maiden continues to move ever onward and forward, it leaves a strong network of friendship behind them.

Connected by memories and art, the Maiden Legacy strives to share and preserve their own personal history with the history-makers.

The Project also helps raise money for charity “in the name of former members.”

You can visit their Official MAIDEN LEGACY Page or their Website to get a blast from a tremendous past.

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