Queensryche’s TODD LA TORRE Saves Elderly Dog

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“So shines a good deed in a weary world…” – Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Powerhouse vocal maven and humanitarian, TODD LA TORRE, while taking some time in Greece with family, sensed a non-human in need of help along his route.

La Torre posted on his official Facebook page, “Didn’t know if it had a broken leg, back, hip, or just very sick.”

But, whatever the problem may be, he was still determined to do what he could to find out, making sure the dog was not alone.

“After going back to the house and getting some chicken and water, it drank very little.

With some careful assessment, she seemed passive and not aggressive. Carefully, we were able to pick her up and we carried her to our place, stayed up all night until sunrise, and then to her to a local vet.

As it turned out, the vet knew the stray whom the locals of Athens collectively care for. Regardless, he said,” I know we cannot save every animal, but I couldn’t walk past this dog and not help.”

The old girl is about 15 years old and is in the vet’s care at this time, which the singer expressed regret that he couldn’t do more.”I wish she had a family for the long life she has lived thus far ,” he said.

“At least we could take her and get medical attention, probably saved her life at least for the time being.”

He added, “I don’t know about any other issues, i.e. hip displasia, etc. Haven’t slept a wink and wouldn’t change that for anything. Thankfully I have the wherewithal to pay for this care, still makes me want to cry seeing her in this condition.”

La Torre wrote in a previous post, “Best thing in the world is the love of a dog.”

QUEENSRYCHE, meanwhile, tagged KAMELOT drummer, Casey Grillo, to fill in behind the kit temporarily while their own drummer, Scott Rockenfield, is taking paternal leave to care for his new son, Rockson. According to the official site, the band will be back touring the States on August 5.

**UPDATE Monday, July 3: The dog is currently still under vet care, suffering from an enlarged heart, kidney and liver failure, and high fever. The vet, however, said to Todd and his wife that the dog “would have definitely, definitely died right there on the sidewalk if we had not taken her to the doctor.” View the full video update here on Facebook.


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