OZZY OSBOURNE Hears Raw “Crazy Train” for the First Time

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“Bittersweet” experience for OZZY OSBOURNE as he is presented a surprise to hear the very first, un-mixed recording of his solo masterpiece classic, “Crazy Train.”

From the original post: “Crazy Train” as a master tape hadn’t been heard by Ozzy since he actually recorded it in 1980.

When Jack suggested he take a listen, he refuses and at first you assume it’s because as a rough mix it’s just a little too rough for Ozzy until he opens his mouth to speak and you realize that it’s not a matter of the mix being too rough – it’s a matter of bringing back memories of Randy Rhoads, who died two years after the song’s release.

Recently, Ozzy announced a surprise reunion with longtime partner-in-Metal crime, Zakk Wylde for a brief 2017 tour:

Fri, July 14 Oshkosh, WI Rock USA Festival
Sun, July 16 Chicago, IL Chicago Open Air Festival
Wed, August 9 Sturgis, SD Buffalo Chip
Mon, August 21 Cartersville, IL Moonstock Festival

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