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BIMM, Brighton Institute of Modern Music – Birmingham gets huge plug from riff-master, father of Heavy Metal, TONY IOMMI.

From the site, BIMM Birmingham’s Executive Principal, Dara Kilkenny, said the legend “has agreed to put his name to a scholarship which will be worth £20,250 for one of the applicants, and it could be one of you in this room.”

Best of all, it’s not just for guitarists or Metallers, but available to all disciplines, all degree students. And “You will not pay any fees.”

Iommi said, “It’s fantastic; I just think that you have to go for it and work as hard as you can. Believe in what you are doing. You have to believe in it, and follow it through.

Work as hard as you can. You have to love it and enjoy it.”

Birmingham stated that it has produced a host of exceptional bands over the years, “but few have rivalled the creative genius of Black Sabbath.”

“…you can only imagine how privileged we are to have the one and only Tony Iommi sponsor our brand new BIMM Birmingham scholarship.”

They add, “As part of the celebrations, we invited a very lucky group of prospective BIMM Birmingham students to give them a taste of life and the fantastic opportunities available at our new state-of-the-art college, which will open its doors in Digbeth this October.”

Summing up the event, one of the attendees said, “It’s not often you get to meet your heroes, and I have today.”

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