New DARK FORTRESS “Aiming” to Begin this Year

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According to a new interview on Metalheads Forever webzine with DARK FORTRESS members Seraph (drums) and Morean (frontman), the band’s leader has been working on new material for the long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s successful Venereal Dawn.

Seraph states, “There is no concrete schedule for a new album yet, but I know that V. Santura has written a lot of material already and we’re aiming for the second half of 2017 to start working on his ideas.”

Being that there is a ‘geographical challenge’ between the band members (Germany/Netherlands) and two of the main composers, V. and Morean, are committed to other major projects and productions — such as Triptikon, a busy recording studio, Alkaloid, and a new opera, Hondenhartje, in NRC Handelsblad , respectively), this is extraordinary and welcome news for their universal fanbase.

In the meantime, the band re-released their earlier work on collector’s-edition vinyl.

However, Seraph added, realistically, “I really can’t say yet when we will start the recording process, but once we do have a better idea, we will of course let our fans know through our website and social media channels.”

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