Mongolian Metallists TENGGER CAVALRY – New Album On the Way

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Nature G

“Khan artists” TENGGER CAVALRY announced on social media yesterday that a new album was in the works.

The Black Siren reached out to guitarist/vocalist Nature Ganganbaigal (“Nature G”) for comment regarding the announcement, as well as the tremendous publicity their latest round of unique and powerful cover tunes that have been wagging some powerful tongues, such as Motorhead and Dave Mustaine, himself.

According to G, the new project is “gonna be a bit different,” he said. “More clean vocals, big emotional chorus, and of course still Mongolian flavor. Song themes are more personal rather than traditional.

We wanna channel more people and dig in emotional level.”

Their exclusive brand of tradition and Metal, with overtone, throat vocals and galloping riffs, has earned them a strong cult following. Nature G, grateful for the support, responded to this with, “We try to convey the warrior spirit and strong will of man into our music.

We all suffer from different obstacles and you gotta fight back and dominate your life. We all need that kind of spirit.”

Lately, they have taken this warrior spirit to honor the big fish in the industry, namely Motorhead, Rammstein, Metallica, and Megadeth. These covers have been instrumental in gaining momentum for the band, as well as high-level attention.

Nature G said, “TC are traditional metal lovers so it is our honor to re-interpret those classic songs in our nomadic way. The reception is interesting.

Dave Mustaine retweeted our cover of ‘Symphony of Destruction,’ but we actually got decent amount of dislike from Megadeth and Metallica fan bases because of the unfamiliarity of thrust singing.

Rammstein cover is doing very very good. Our fans love it and [we have received] nonnegative comments.”

Tengger Cavalry are enjoying themselves and are excited to “Finally gonna raid Europe this year!” See their original video, “Cavalry in Thousands” from their 2013 release, The Expedition.

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