JILL JANUS of HUNTRESS Offers Wiccan Blessings and Crafts for the Craft

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JILL JANUS, the voice and soul of HUNTRESS, has always been out of the ‘broom closet’ when it comes to her path.

As an imitable and formidable Metal talent, Janus honors her fans and faith through voice and craft. In true Priestess mode, she offers tools for practicing Pagans on her personal Etsy site, Heshette.

She announces, “My most popular Heshette creation, now on-sale before I launch my new GRIM SUMMER collection next week…”

Her latest creation is an authentic, hand-crafted “Witches’ Shadow Box,” as a “sanctuary for your spells and charms.”

~ White Tail Deer Antler necklace with a long black leather cord, tied with a knot and adjustable. The antler is naturally shed and summons your inner Shaman.

~ Silver pentagram with an adjustable black rope cord necklace. Pentagram is brass and zinc alloy.

~ Handmade White Sage Smudge Stick to cleanse the space of spell casting.

~ Five crystals that I will choose for you, representing clarity, psychic ability, healing, energy and protection.

Other hand made, Pagan-friendly creations are available on her site, including smaller shadow boxes, talismans, and prayer beads.

On the Huntress front, the band is heading to The Viper Room on the 27th of this month. No new projects have been announced to follow up their powerhouse 2015’s Napalm Records release, Static.

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“Life as a Metalhead Priestess” – T. Ray Verteramo

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