ICED EARTH Releases New Lyric Track for Upcoming Album

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Is it a Frank Miller trailer? Teaser for a new RPG? Nope! New video from ICED EARTH, courtesy of Century Media, for their upcoming new release, Incorruptible.

This is the third video released to date after “Raven Wing” and “Seven Headed Whore.”

From the band’s biography: “A myriad of intangibles must also come into play at exactly the right times. The few uncompromising musicians who pride themselves on the integrity of their craft can surely plan to encounter a path less traveled and sewn with more mountains and valleys than the road clogged with chameleons sacrificing their visions to cash in on the current fads…

For two decades, Jon Schaffer and his vehicle, ICED EARTH, have taken the long, high road of non-compromise to reach the rarified air breathed by those few who enjoy lasting commercial success writing and performing music in the Heavy Metal genre.”

In regards to the new album, they state: “Jon Schaffer describes the new output as being on par with the band’s most favourite albums, The Dark Saga, Something Wicked This Way Comes or Dystopia. And we can only agree here.”

Incorruptible will be their 12th full-length release, available June 16th.

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