Guitar Legend, JASON BECKER, Puts a Metal Face on the ACA

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Today, in the Bay Area’s Mercury News, 80’s guitar virtuoso, JASON BECKER, made stand…from his wheelchair.

Becker was an 80’s up-and-coming guitar hero who wowed with the likes of Beck, Van Halen, and Malmsteen, until he started to feel a chronic pain in his leg. He was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) over 25 years ago.

The condition has left him completely paralyzed and mute, albeit a special contraption his father had specially devised that allows him to continue to communicate and compose today. However, in this latest interview, he made it clear that if the senate succeeds with their alternative measure, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act a/k/a “Obamacare,” would risk his life.

“I have survived ALS to continue my work as a musician and composer for 28 years due to the care I receive through” he said.

“Without these supports, my family can flat out not manage my care and my life and career will be in serious jeopardy.’’

Becker continues to display inspirational grace and gratitude, in spite of his challenges. He posted on his Facebook page, “It is good to talk about and hear everyone’s perspective. I am also so very touched by the people who want to help me personally. Thank you, but I am trying not to worry for myself – yet.

My main focus was to put a face to poor and disabled people. Sometimes if we know someone, it makes us care more. I would have kicked myself if I didn’t say anything and poor, sick and disabled people got screwed, like they often do.

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