GRAVELAND Concert Protested, Cancelled

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Graveland, a Polish, openly anti-Semetic “Viking” Black-Metal band inspired by “Nordic” heathenism, was shut down and out of the   Messe des Morts (Mass of the Dead) festival in Montreal after anti-fascist protests erupted.



According to The Montreal Gazzette: “The organizers…said that they have made the decision “for security reasons.” They added that the theatre administration and producers had “done everything in their power to come up with a solution.”

Militant.Zone record label posted this update on social media:

“Mind police” in action

Meanwhile in Montreal (Quebec) a Black Metal festival headlined by Graveland (Poland) was canceled due to antifascist hysterics followed by police intervention.

Time for the Black Metal scene to realize that from now on it’s not “just about music” – it’s about your free will, intellectual integrity and those scumbags who are trying to take it from you. Every time you let them tell you what to think and what to listen you lose your ground.

Keeping the Black Metal scene alive takes some guts. It also requires to stand against the crowd and its plebeian morals – the so-called “political correctness” and all sorts of liberal dogmas, which has truly become the secular religion of our days.


We strongly believe that solidarity is the only way to fight censorship, thus our sincere support goes to Sepulchral Productions.

P.S> “Hail Satan” is for pussies.

Black Metal’s roots are firmly planted in antagonizing the monotheistic-supremist culture in Eastern Europe, particularly in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Anti-Semetic, homophobic, and other forms of “hate speech” is commonplace in old-school Black Metal — even from Gaahl, one of its most outspoken advocates, who himself, is gay.

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