GHOST’s NAMELESS GHOUL: “It’s Never Really Been a Band…”

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According to Tobias Forge a/k/a Papa Emeritus as a NAMELESS GHOUL in a recent interview with local CBS in Philadelphia, GHOST has “never really been a band in a classic sense.”

In speaking about the recent lawsuits against PAPA EMERITUS from other GHOULS regarding lost earnings, he gave his identity away when he stated, “I have been in the band since I started the band. I started writing songs for it in 2006.”

“There has been about 10 to 15 people now going in and out of the band so, there’s been a lot of rotation.”

He further explains, “It’s never really been a band in the classic sense in that you have someone who plays his or hers instrument and that she or he is the only person in the world that can make it sound like that.


People have a tendency to want to feel that they’re very important for something. If it’s not crucial that they’re there, there will also be a little bit of a friction there.”

According to the original article by Michael Cerio, “That distinction of what makes a person a member of the band Ghost has been an ongoing conversation and source of legal scrutiny. As it sorts itself out behind the scenes, Ghost remains busy. A new album is in the works, set to start production after they end their own headlining tour this summer.”

Still, that does not seem to slow down the success of the Popestar production, which is now supporting IRON MAIDEN at select arenas. “I’m very excited about it,” he said. “Of course. One of my childhood favorites, and now as a grown man their also friends of ours and good mentors.”

In the meantime, Ghost ‘cultists’ worldwide are anxiously looking forward to the new ‘darker’ release since their Grammy award winning Meliora in 2015. “I know very clearly what the new record will be about,” he said. “The new record that we’re gonna start recording now in August is something that I’ve been working on for three or four years.”

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