GHOST: PAPA E. Says Pop is “Honest”

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PAPA EMERITUS III, the salacious frontman for Swedish phenom, GHOST, preaches to German outlet, Krone the difference between Pop and Metal music.

As translated and syndicated in Ultimate, Papa said, “Many metal bands have unreal lyrics that revolve around dragons or demons.”

He continues on, “Pop music or even indie and alternative are simply more open and honest. It’s about the feelings and not about superficialities or fantasies.”

GHOST’s theatrical image revolves around a fictional, orthodox Satanic church hell-bent on world domination through the proselytizing music and spectacular of five anonymous ‘Ghouls’ and the Dark Pope. With this, it would be easy to raise an eyebrow on this perspective. However, he explained, “…most of our lyrics have a double meaning. When you hear ‘Year Zero,’ the song is primarily about Satan, but it is actually about humanity.”

“[Using metaphors to add mystique] is important to me. Many songs are more emotional and real than some people believe.”

The band will be hitting the road again for the Popestar Tour this summer, with their usual enigmatic supporting acts, including sharing the stage with IRON MAIDEN on selective dates.

June 6 – ZOMBI
June 8,10,14 & July 13, 14 – ROYAL THUNDER
June 17 – EGYPT
June 22 & 26 – TRUE WIDOW
June 30 & July 2 – REPULSION
July 8 – KHEMMIS
July 18 & 20 – ASTRONOID

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