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Berlin-based Tech-Death band, Defeated Sanity has just adopted former Obscura’s fretless wonder, Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager to fill in for the remaining Dharmata Tour into 2017.

Official Announcement:

“Unfortunately Kevin Heiderich, who was sessioning on second guitar for our Dharmata live set, had to drop out mainly because of personal reasons and priorities, which we respect.

It was his idea to bring in Tom Geldschläger, who is a long time friend and phenomenal guitar player.

He will be playing the second guitar at Netherlands Deathfest and all other upcoming Dharmata performances…”

See Fountainhead performing their title track here:



Both parties are extremely excited about the collaboration. Geldschlager responded, “Im excited to join Defeated Sanity on their upcoming Dharmata tour. We’ve been good friends for almost a decade and Lille, Jacob, and I have worked together in various projects throughout the years – so basically, I´m just glad for the opportunity to once again play some awesome metal with these gentlemen.

How many shows we´ll do together remains to be seen. The higher the demand, the more likely this collaboration will continue.”

Official Defeated Sanity Facebook page

More on Fountainhead: Interview: Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager on The Black Siren


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