Floridian Melo-Thrashers TRIVIUM Re-Release Debut

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Roadrunner Records has released Trivium‘s rare-find debut, Ember to Inferno, back to the public in multiple formats.

According to the band’s website the reason for the hype is correlated directly with their history:

The record quickly captured the attention of the band’s earliest fans as well as the ears of A&R reps at Roadrunner Records, who rapidly signed the band and went on to release their watershed album Ascendancy in 2005.

Ember To Inferno was the catalyst for what was to come and it has been out of print for several years… until now.”

“The purpose of this release is to show the very early beginnings of Trivium—perhaps an era unbeknownst to most listeners of the band,” said Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy.

Trivium - 2003

Trivium – 2003

“To look back at Ember as the starting point of Trivium becoming recognized worldwide is a staggering thought for me, considering I was 16/17 years old during the writing and recording of the record…As a kid, I always said the ‘goal’ was to be in a massive metal band. I don’t think I actually knew what it would mean to have fans in different parts of the world, and I still can’t believe people care so much that they actually want to hear the music that pre-dates our Roadrunner-years.

To this day, I am still completely blown away that people are singing words to songs I wrote when I was 16 years old. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Ember To Inferno: “Ab Initio” – Available Now
Download/Stream here: http://triv.lnk.to/ETI

Ember To Inferno will be released in four configurations, with the deluxe editions containing the band’s early demos “Ruber” (aka the Red Demo), “Caeruleus” (aka the Blue Demo) and “Flavus” (aka the Yellow Demo).

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