Eruption of Corruption – A call to Arts

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It is so distracting.

So many of us are just trying everything we can to go on with our lives, take care of our families, create, and just be, but no matter where we go or what we do, America’s abomination for our nation is everywhere.

There is so much fear and hate and rage and confusion. There is so much doubt and worry and chaos. There is so much pain and this and that – we’re clashing with each other, we’re fighting, we’re getting down each other’s “I’m right” “No, I’m right” throats. It’s so much…

And it doesn’t matter where we are, either. Trump is a worldwide phenomenon, living up to his made-up name, ‘trumping’ over everything, everywhere.

This is the breeding ground for Metal.

Metal was made for chaos, from chaos. Metal was made for pain and for rage. Metal was born from this yet, all that’s out there are news news news and more news. At best, Metal artists saying, “Trump is awful” or “Trump is great.”

Well, gee, thanks so much Mr. Guitarist and Madame Singer, but we don’t need more opinions. We need art — and not just from the professionals. Everyone.

We need to be on fire, inspired. We need to create. We need to ignite and unite because it’s through music, film, 2D, whatever that we thrive and come together. And when we come together, we are capable of anything.

Many of us are silenced. Isn’t Metal always about outrage and nonconformity? Isn’t Metal about rebellion? This is what we need now, more than ever.

No one asking anyone to wear the red panties and put on a cape. But, we have more to say than anyone or anything in the world and right now, It’s just too quiet where it should be loudest.

Do it.

“When things get tough, this is what you should do: Make good art. I’m serious. Husband runs off with a politician — make good art. Leg crushed and then eaten by a mutated boa constrictor — make good art. IRS on your trail — make good art. Cat exploded — make good art. Someone on the Internet thinks what you’re doing is stupid or evil or it’s all been done before — make good art. Probably things will work out somehow, eventually time will take the sting away, and that doesn’t even matter. Do what only you can do best: Make good art. Make it on the bad days, make it on the good days, too.” – Neil Gaiman


The Empowering Art of Music

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