Doom Artists SHAPE OF DESPAIR to Release Historic Demo

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From Season of MistSHAPE OF DESPAIR will finally release their legendary demo ‘Alone in the Mist’ (1998) in full on December 9th.

Jarno Salomaa comments: “So what exactly do you find on ‘Alone in the Mist’? Besides the first songs ever written for SHAPE OF DESPAIR – at that time still named RAVEN – these represent my first ever attempt at doom as well.

Those tracks are the outcome of solitary inspiration through dark woods and good music. This demo was never fully released – do not bother to ask why, because I cannot remember the reasons at all.

‘Alone in the Mist’ was only tape traded without any cover or anything else with just a few people that we knew or were in contact with. Two of these songs came out officially a long way back, but soon you will get a chance to hear them all – with ‘Shadowed Dreams’ now given as a first preview.”

With their latest album ‘Monotony Fields’, SHAPE OF DESPAIR demonstrated that doom from Finland not only was far from getting stuck in a dead end, but was actually as beautiful, sorrowful, and majestic as it could ever get.

Their next release on Season of Mist rather represents a visit of the band’s past. Under their former name Raven, the Finns recorded a demo in 1998 entitled Alone In The Mist, which was never officially published. The high quality of the material already hinted at by two tracks released elsewhere more than justifies the late unearthing of this dark treasure.

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