DEFEATED SANITY Cancels US Tour Due to Visa Issues

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German Death Metallists, DEFEATED SANITY, are the latest in a line of foreign bands denied United States entry due to visa issues.

The band posted this statement on social media on the morning of May 22nd:

“Hello everyone, these are some bad news to break to you:

Due to unfortunate uncertainties with our work visas arriving on time, we decided to cancel the US tour with Gorguts and Exist now, roughly a week before we planned on flying over.

We have been trying our hardest and dealing with this since weeks and as problems arose and other ones got fixed just to create a new one, twisting up the whole tour planning, we had to come up with a final decision today to save what we can and give us peace of mind.

Anybody in the business knows how much time and money went into it at this point and we certainly don’t want to risk any more now.

Thus we want to say that we can use any kind of financial support in these days. We will be re-organizing our Bigcartel store shortly and appreciate everyone that buys from us or downloads our albums on Bandcamp.”

According to ‘Metalhead visa’ specialist, Marc Gessford of Play America, he doubts the issues are due to the Trump administration crackdown. He stated, “Please, please, please, do not blame the current administration for this. This does not come from a Trump supporter; this comes from someone to whom the truth matters, good or bad. I started doing visas in 2008, the same year Obama took office.”

Gessford said, “In the 8 years of his administration, I received numerous RFEs (Requests for Evidence) for PPUSA [Power Prog USA] bands, Maryland Deathfest bands, bands for other fests and touring bands. I know that everyone in the business of assisting bands/artists with visas had the same experience. Not a single one of those RFEs can be blamed on the Obama administration.”

Whether or not there have been more problems than usual this year, there is little question that politics have caused the media to highlight immigration and visa issues more than usual.

Japanese Metal legends, LOUDNESS, were denied entry because they had the wrong type of permission — even though they have never experienced a problem previously.

The most common reason for US visa denial to bands is due to missed deadlines.

DEFEATED SANITY, refusing to back down, ended their news on a positive note, stating, “We are also working on a Dharmata tabbook that should be ready for preorder not too far from now.

Also the Prelude to the Tragedy LP release will be available this September.We are already working on plans for another Dharmata US TOUR, possibly in fall, to make up for it and still be able to play for you guys this year!

It must happen and it will!!”

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