DEE SNIDER In Rehearsals with New Solo Band

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Dee Snider, First Amendment advocate and legendary frontman for Twisted Sister is now in rehearsals with a brand new solo band, ready to hit the road to support his new release, We Are The Ones.

He says, “We’re doing a set in Miami…December 4th, sayeth the Damon [producer]. But, here’s something interesting; I decided to pull out a little nugget I never played…”

Check out his video announcement below:



Snider remains as outspoken today on a buffet of issues, as much as he had back in the 80’s when “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll” hit the charts.

We Are The Ones is an extension of his voice and legacy, which he calls his “baby.”

Follow up on his progress on his Facebook page, Twitter, and his long-running radio show, Dee Snider’s House of Hair.

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