CARACH ANGREN Unveils New Horror Clip, ‘Charlie’

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Season of Mist and CARACH ANGREN streams world premiere video from their upcoming release, Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten.

The band states this clip, “…will draw you right into the first chapter of an unsettling journey, setting an ominous dark paranormal tone.

‘Charlie’ has everything and more of what you may expect from us: a darkness brought forth by unsettling haunting melodies, piercing riffs, and bloodcurdling storytelling.

View here, now or courtesy of Metal Injection:

The follow up to their 2015’s This is No Fairy Tale “revolves around the haunting of a young girl with an unhealthy fixation on a Ouija board.”

Season of Mist adds, “CARACH ANGREN push their unashamedly theatrical style of metal to intense new height that blend eerie and extreme black metal with beautifully composed string sections and regal orchestral arrangements.”

The band experienced a bit of controversy last December when they were accused of Satanism and that their music would “lead the youth astray.” In a live interview, they assured those concerned not to read too much into their impressive corpsepaint and responded, “We are not and have never been a Satanic black metal outfit. We are a horror metal band telling supernatural stories on our albums and during our theatrical live performances.”

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