BRUCE DICKINSON Gets Behind the Bar

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Renaissance man, Bruce Dickinson, proves once again that he is not beyond getting his hands dirty.

According to the latest report in Classic Rock, the great Metal icon was on his way to support his son’s gig and figured since he was in the neighborhood, he may as well make himself useful:

“The singer was in the Welsh capital to see his son Griff’s band, Shvpes play nearby and decided to sample the beer in the Fuel Rock Club. But rather than enjoy a drink himself, Dickinson got behind the bar and got to work serving pints of Trooper Red ‘N’ Black…”

“Toogood asked Dickinson if he wanted an area to be cordoned off for him. Toogood says: “He looked at me and said: ‘Who for? I’m not Kim Kardashian’!”

We hope Griff had a successful gig that night, a good time was had by all and wish him best of luck. The Red ‘n’ Black beer is another variation of Maiden’s worldwide-successful, award winning, Trooper brand.

Now, here’s the band performing its namesake at Wacken 2016. Enjoy!


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