BILL HUDSON of TSO to Musicians: “Delay Your Album…Metallica’s Shaken the Metal World”

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Bill Hudson, guitarist of Circle II Circle and Classical-Metal fusionists, Trans-Siberian Orchestra has just sent out a loving warning on his social media newsfeed:

“If you’re in a metal band planning on releasing an album within the next 2-3 weeks, I’d get a hold of your label and try to delay it. Seriously, Metallica has just shaken the metal world again haha!”

Then, adds: “I’m so happy to see so many people actually liking the album without the whole ‘yeah but it’s not Kill ’em All attitude.’ Fuck yeah.”

Metallica, as any Metalhead is now aware, has just released their 10th studio album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, to polarizing reviews from “best yet” to “not so much.”  Yet, regardless, it is unquestionable that they have, once again, made a large bootprint back on the scene after previous movie and festival challenges.

TSO, however, as Metal’s annual holiday tradition, are currently on tour with Joel Hoekstra, electrifying the season’s greetings:

TSO is comprised of some of Metal’s finest composers from Savatage (Jon Oliva: Composer), Megadeth (Al Pitrelli: Music Director, Lead Guitarist), and some all-stars behind the curtain such as Paul O’Neill (Composer, Lyricist, Producer) and Robert Kinkel (Composer, Co-producer, Keyboardist).

Hudson, though currently not on tour with TSO this time around, is working with them in the studio.

Brazilian native was inspired by Slash (GNR), took up the guitar and later attended the Musician’s Institute in California to pursue a classical composition degree. Today, he has become a treasure amongst Metal’s axemen.

His praise of Metallica’s new project is a compliment, indeed.

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