Behind the Scenes: the Making of AVATAR’S ‘The Eagle Has Landed’

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Ladies and Gentlemen, AVATAR is here again — not that they ever really left.

But, they dropped a very special ‘behind the scenes’ gift on Facebook, giving fans a glimpse of the tremendous teamwork that made their extraordinary ‘one take’ (no edit) video, “The Eagle Has Landed” from this year’s release, Feathers and Flesh.

Always with the flair for the dramatic, the Swedish boys put their best theatrical foot first in the tale of five swindlers and their hapless victims with this clip.

In this exhausting and fascinating mini-doc, we see how the band still roll up their sleeves to pitch in with those who pool their talents together to make it happen — the building of a 360 degree set, quick-change rehearsals, how a little cardboard goes a long way and much more.

Follow the link to the documentary here: ‘The Making of The Eagle Has Landed Video’ – Facebook

Enjoy the end result below:


Avatar plans to return to stage and studio in 2017.

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