BABYMETAL Guitarist Dead

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Mikio Fujioka, guitarist for controversial j-pop/metal sensation, Babymetal, succumbed to injuries after falling from an observation deck.

According to Revolver webzine, the band confirmed his passing via Twitter, stating:  “The ‘Little’ Guitar Kami of Babymetal’s Kami Band has passed away in the metal galaxies. We hope that he is now with his guitar master Allan Holdsworth and enjoying an epic guitar session with him.”

The introduction of Babymetal in 2010 left Metalheads divided on their authenticity, being that they were contrived by Japanese corporate figureheads. Also, it is no secret that the number one trafficked demographic in Japan are school-age girls, thus using the young trio as a gimmick gives way to pedophiliac appeal.

Still, their music and performances have made Babymetal one of the most successful acts of the decade, with a powerfully loyal fanbase around the world.

He was 36.

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